Sona Masoori/ BPT Multivitamin Rice (Fortified) – 1kg/5kg/10kg – Nutrisolife


  • Pearls of South India
  • Medium grained 
  • Improves Digestion
  • Grown in the southern regions of India, Sona Masoori is an integral part of South Indian cuisine. Nutriso Sona Masoori is an aromatic and lightweight medium-grained rice known as the “Pearls of South India.” Sona masoori is lightweight and aromatic medium-grain rice. Our Nutriso sona masoori fortified rice comes with added nutrition and vitamins making it the best option for your daily consumption.
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Nutriso Sona Masoori rice is a medium-grain rice. It is renowned for its fine grains, delicate texture, and subtle aroma. It cooks relatively quickly and has a soft and non-sticky consistency, making it ideal for pulao, fried rice, and biryani preparations. With its distinct characteristics and ability to enhance the overall dining experience, Nutriso Sona Masoori rice is a popular choice among rice lovers and is widely enjoyed in Indian cuisine. Our Fortification process adds to these qualities the goodness of 09 micronutrients which makes it even more nutritious.


1KG, 5KG, 10KG


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