Basmati and HMT Multivitamin Rice (Fortified) – 1kg (Pack of 2) – Nutrisolife


  • Rich in taste, distinctive aroma, and easily digestible
  • Medium grained 
  • Low glycemic index
  • This nature’s goodness is widely enjoyed and appreciated for its pleasing aroma and rich taste. It also comes in a texture that is smooth. The best part is its low glycemic index, which makes it suitable for diabetics to consume. This rice has high nutritional value and makes it a favored choice among rice eaters and with our fortification process, the nutritional value is taken one step ahead.
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Nutriso HMT rice is a medium-grain rice. It is renowned for its fine grains, delicate texture, and subtle aroma. It also has a low to medium glycemic index, making it a healthier choice for those seeking to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Our Fortification process adds to these qualities the goodness of 09 micronutrients which makes it even more nutritious.




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