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Rice fortification is the process of increasing essential micronutrients in rice, so as to improve the nutritional quality of the food supply and provide a public health benefit with minimal risk to health.

A.Milling of rice removes the fat and micronutrient rich bran layers to produce the commonly consumed starch white rice while polishing further removes 75-90% of vit. B1, vit. B6, vit. E and Niacin. Fortifying rice provides an opportunity to add back the lost micronutrients but to also add others such as iron, zinc, folic acid, vit. B12 and vit. A.

It reduces blood cholesterol level and helps fuel your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients which are added during the process of fortification.

There are three main technologies available to produce fortified rice. They are: coating, extrusion, and dusting.


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