Exploring Nutriso’s Fortified Rice Varieties: Basmati, HMT & Sona Masoori/BPT Rice

Nutriso's Fortified Rice Varieties: Basmati, HMT & Sona Masoori/BPT Rice

Nutriso stands as a pioneering leader in rice fortification, offering innovative solutions to combat micronutrient deficiencies in India. Through its flagship product, rice enriched with nine essential nutrients, Nutriso strives to ensure everyone has access to nutritious and affordable food. The company’s commitment is reflected in its vision to seamlessly integrate fortified rice into diverse food distribution systems.

    1.Basmati Fortified Rice:

  •    Features: Renowned for its aromatic, long-grained, and fluffy qualities, Nutriso’s  Basmati Fortified Rice is enriched with up to 3 times more iron and zinc and up to 10 times more vitamin A compared to regular Basmati rice.
  •    Benefits: Offers improved blood health, enhanced immunity, and vision protection while retaining its versatility in dishes such as biryani, pulao, and kheer.


   2.HMT Fortified Rice:

  •  Features: Derived from the popular HMT rice variety, HMT Fortified Rice maintains equivalent levels of iron, zinc, and vitamin A as Basmati. It stands out for its lower glycemic index, higher amylose content promoting gut health, and elevated protein content.
  •  Benefits: Potentially aids in diabetes prevention or management, supports improved gut health, and provides essential amino acids for muscle growth. Commonly used in dishes like idli, dosa, and Pongal.


   3.Sona Masoori/BPT Fortified Rice:

  •   Features: Part of Nutriso’s fortified rice varieties,  Sona Masoori/BPT Fortified Rice shares aromatic, long-grained, and fluffy qualities. Enriched with iron, zinc, and vitamin A, it offers up to 3 times more nutritional content compared to regular Sona Masoori/BPT.


  •  Benefits: Improves blood health, strengthens the immune system, and enhances vision. Additionally, it boasts a lower glycemic index, higher amylose content for improved gut health, and elevated protein content essential for muscle growth.


Nutriso’s Commitment to Quality:

Amidst the diverse choices Nutriso offers, it’s essential to underscore the company’s unwavering commitment to quality. Nutriso prioritizes addressing micronutrient deficiency in India by employing a rigorous approach, including selecting top-notch rice varieties, using certified micronutrient premixes, leveraging advanced technology, and adhering to hygienic and eco-friendly practices. Nutriso’s transparent labeling, effective communication, and regular audits further emphasize its dedication to ensuring the highest quality and compliance with global regulations. This commitment ensures that each variant not only meets culinary preferences but also adheres to the highest standards of nutritional excellence.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Nutriso’s fortified rice varieties:

  • What are the benefits of consuming fortified rice? 

Fortified rice can provide you with multiple benefits for your health and well-being. By consuming fortified rice, you can improve your blood health, boost your immune system, enhance your vision, support your growth, and prevent or manage various diseases.

  • What are the differences between fortified rice and extruded rice? 

Fortified rice is enriched with higher levels of micronutrients, while extruded rice is processed by mixing with micronutrient premixes and shaping into kernels.


  • How do I know if my fortified rice is genuine? 

You can check if your fortified rice is genuine by looking at the label on the package. The label should include the +F symbol to indicate fortification

( CLRK), the country of origin (such as India), the batch number (such as 123456789), the expiry date (such as 12/2023), the net weight (such as 500 g), the list of ingredients (such as white rice flour enriched with iron zinc vitamin A), etc.

You can also contact Nutriso directly through their website, phone number, email address, or social media channels if you have any questions or concerns about their products.

  • How can I purchase Nutriso fortified rice?

You can purchase Nutriso fortified rice from various sources depending on your needs and preferences. You can find Nutriso fortified rice on our website or online platforms such as Amazon.

Nutriso offers competitive prices & discounts for its customers. 

Here are some links to purchase Nutriso’s fortified rice online:

  2. Nutrition Fortified HMT Rice on Amazon. in