Fortified rice addresses malnutrition by supplying crucial vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc and vitamins. Its affordability and ease of integration make it a potent solution for enhancing public health, particularly in areas with restricted dietary options.

Perfect for Everyone

Fights Malnutrition

Recommended for Pregnant Women and Children

Power of 9 Vital Micronutrients

Advantages of Fortified Rice

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Fortified rice is cooked in the
same manner as any normal rice

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Washing fortified rice does not result in
any change in the nutritional value of the rice

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Fortification does the job of providing
nutrition without changing the taste,
feel or look of the food in any manner

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WHO highly recommends consuming fortified rice and has also released a guideline regarding the same

The Government of India is also taking various steps to tackle malnutrition by giving fortified rice in mid-day meals to children and also distributing fortified rice in PDS.