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Finely Served

We serve our fortified rice in the most delicate manner to bring the best taste and health to your table.

Nutriso Fortified Rice-3-3
Nutriso Fortified Rice-3-rice

About Us

We are India’s leading rice manufacturing and processing company. We recognized the issue of malnutrition in India and have taken the initiative to resolve it by introducing Nutriso Fortified Rice. At Nutriso, we have envisioned to fill the gap in health by manufacturing world-class and highly nutritious rice through the fortification process. Nutriso Fortified rice is processed to re-enrich it with various essential micronutrients that are lost in the process of milling and polishing, which also helps in curbing malnutrition.

With the same thought in mind, we also started #NutrisoForChange. Nutriso Fortified Rice stands for fighting against malnutrition and creating a healthy society. We have aligned our vision with the government’s goal of eradicating nutritional deficiency from the society. Nutriso is safe and healthy to be consumed by everyone. #NutrisoForChange is a step to enlighten people about how a simple change in their regular lifestyle preferences can make this world a better place.

Certified By

Nutriso Fortified Rice-certifications


What Qualifies as Fortified Rice?

Fortified Rice must have an increased content of essential micronutrients that improve its nutritional value and provide public health benefits at minimal cost.

Thiamine Vitamin B1

Riboflavin Vitamin B2

Niacin Nicotinamie

Pyridoxine Vitamin B6


Folic Acid

Vitamin B12


Vitamin A

Zinc Oxide

Why Nutriso Fortified Rice?


Fortified rice fights and prevents malnutrition by supplying essential nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamins, etc. Its affordability and ease of integration makes it a potent solution for enhancing public health, particularly in areas with restricted dietary options.


Fortified rice is cooked in the same manner as any normal rice


Washing fortified rice does not result in any change in the nutritional value of the rice


Fortification does the job of providing nutrition without changing the taste, feel or look of the food in any manner


WHO highly recommends consuming fortified rice and has also released a guideline regarding the same


Nutriso is not just a product but a story about reforming lives, it is a journey of health and happiness